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Interactions with your customers are the essence of your brand. That is why we place you at the heart of our mission, at the heart of every interaction with your clients.

Each client is unique. We are working with you to develop scalable solutions that are specific to you so that you can make the most of your costs, increase customer satisfaction and ensure superior results.

Whether it’s to respond to a flexibility issue to allow you to properly manage your call volumes or to completely outsource your services, we are here to help you.

Specialized Solutions

Gestcom has adapted to the digital transformation era by offering its clients with a web presence, extensive opportunities to interact with their clients or internal teams via web channels.


We offer these specialized services in a flexible manner and in collaboration with you, either by integrating our advanced tools into your environment or by connecting to your tools with the same goal of providing a complete and unparalleled customer experience.


A tradition of excellence since 2011, covering the following components:

  • Click-to-chat

  • E-mail processing

  • Appointment confirmation

  • Automated surveys

  • Back office

  • Database management

Service à la clientèle

Customer Service

Our agents are specially trained to make every interaction not only an opportunity to meet your customers’ demands, but also an opportunity to generate value by offering them your related products via cross-selling in both our official languages on a 24/7 basis.

A tradition of excellence since 2011 in the following areas:


  • Booking orders

  • Telephone orders

  • Technical support

  • Billing support

  • Complaint handling

  • Loyalty program

Femme d'affaires Sourire
All the solutions provided by Gestcom can be jointly implemented by optimizing the use of our resources through BLEND campaigns.

These campaigns allow the same agent to handle several types of interactions at the same time (email processing and call response) or simultaneously (response to a customer service call, followed by a solicitation call) according to priorities we establish with you.
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