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A Team of Professionals

Associates Éric Pépin and André Hurtubise, involved in the day-to-day management of operations, have several decades of experience in call center management, sales and customer service.

They rely on a dynamic, experienced and tailored management team to implement agile and proven business strategies in line with our clients’ requirements and business models.

In order to carry out the mission you have entrusted us with, a full team is dedicated to your account whose main objective is to deliver superior results while ensuring you have an unparalleled customer experience.

Our management team, in charge of supervising the agents to achieve the objectives, is carefully composed of dynamic and mobilized resources, including:


Account Manager

  • Acts as the primary point of contact with the client by establishing clear communications with all key stakeholders

  • Understands clients' quantitative and qualitative issues and objectives

  • Responsible for achieving clients' quantitative and qualitative objectives and account profitability

  • Develops the service offer and new business opportunities according to customer needs

  • Sets priorities for the operations team

  • Responsible for handling escalations and resolving customer issues

Director of Operations

  • Plans and coordinates operational activities

  • Coordinates recruitment efforts based on client objectives

  • Primarily responsible for achieving the identified qualitative and quantitative objectives

  • Defines the quality assurance strategy

  • Manages key performance indicators to improve productivity and expected service levels




  • Plans and organize agents' schedules

  • Supervise and monitor daily operations

  • Responsible for achieving campaign objectives

  • Responsible for achieving quality assurance standards

  • Acts as a coach for agents

​​Senior Agent

  • Provides operational support to agents

  • Closeness support

  • Acts as a coach for agents


Quality Assurance Manager

  • Implements the quality assurance strategy, the listening grids

  • Listens to agents and gives feedback

  • Ensure that quality objectives are met

  • Follow-up with the supervisor

  • Determines training needs




  • Develops training in collaboration with the client

  • Delivers initial training to officers

  • Provides ongoing training to agents


In addition to this team, there are support teams composed of:

A human resources team whose main objective is to find the talents that form the backbone of our organization and to ensure their development.

An Information Technology team responsible for the implementation of all projects and maintenance of our information systems and security systems.


An Administration team responsible for all administrative and financial aspects of the organization.

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